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What’s On Tap?

Anderson Valley Brewing – Nitro Cerveza Crema

Style: Cream Ale
ABV: 5.00%     IBU: 5.0

With hints of caramel in the nose and a touch of spice, this slightly sweet, malty session ale is conditioned with nitrogen to impart a smooth, creamy texture and the classic “cascading effect” leading to a silky finish. With its unique flavor profile, it has become affectionately known as the “cream soda for adults”.

Bull City Ciderworks – Cherry Tart

Style: Cider
ABV: 6.00%     IBU: 0.0

Oh you tease! Provocatively tart Montmorency cherries with semi-sweet cider will tempt your taste buds. You'll be inviting this BULL on a second date.

Bull City Ciderworks – Off Main

Style: Cider
ABV: 6.00%     IBU: 0.0

Not another mainstream cider. Off Main hard cider is the perfect blend of local apples, gluten-free yeast and amazing! A refreshingly crisp, easy drinking cider… NO BULL!

Clouds Brewing – Mean Girl

Style: Sour
ABV: 5.50%     IBU: 0.0

Kettle sour that tastes like a whole buncha cranberries and plums.

Coronado Brewing Co. – Never Better

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 8.10%     IBU: 0.0

Brewed with a vibrant blend of Vic Secret, Mosaic and Citra, this Double IPA is bursting with hop flavors of tropical mango, passion fruit, and resinous pine. One sip and you’ll go from good to Never Better.

Deschutes Brewery – Black Butte

Style: Porter
ABV: 5.20%     IBU: 30.0

With a dark beer as our first and flagship brand, Black Butte defined Deschutes as a radical player. A slight hop bitterness up front enhances the distinctive chocolate and roasted finish. It’s prized for its creamy mouthfeel and intense complex flavors.

Devil's Backbone – Vienna Lager

Style: Vienna Lager
ABV: 5.20%     IBU: 18.0

With its amber chestnut colored good looks and smooth malty finish, Vienna Lager was an obvious choice to put into bottles. It blends color and flavor without heaviness or bitterness. Just as Vienna Lagers historically inspired Munich’s Oktoberfest beers to evolve, this amber lager has evolved since we opened in 2008 into the award winning beer it is today. Experience the taste and tradition.

Firestone Walker Brewing Co. – Merlin

Style: Stout
ABV: 5.50%     IBU: 27.0

With a new ingredient and a bit of wizardry, our Velvet Merlin oatmeal stout has been transformed into a mindblowing mouthful known as Nitro Merlin Milk Stout. Exclusively on draft.

Foothills Brewing Co. – Hoppyum

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 6.50%     IBU: 78.0

The recipe is simple. Take some hoppy. Add some yum. Nutty malts lend a surprisingly sweet base to copious additions of tangerine-y Simcoe™ hops. Great aroma, superior taste, clean dry finish. One sip will show you why this is our most popular beer . . . followed closely by a strong desire to take another sip.

Highland Brewing Co. – AVL

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 6.50%     IBU: 65.0

Revel in hop notes of pineapple, mango, and grapefruit and a piney, resiny body.

Highland Brewing Co. – Kiel Pilsner

Style: Pilsner
ABV: 5.00%     IBU: 30.0

Beer #11 in our “20 Beers for 20 Years” series, we brewed this classic German-style lager with our friends and neighbors at French Broad Brewing. French Broad owner Andy Dahm’s family left Kiel, Germany, for the US in 1777. In the German tradition, Kiel is brewed with 100% German hops and German malt, creating a grassy, clean hop presence and crisp malt flavor.

Hi-Wire Brewing – Lo-Pitch

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 4.90%     IBU: 35.0

This thirst quenching, easy drinking IPA packs a bright citrus hop punch. Juicy American hops and a light malt bill make Lo-Pitch the perfect pairing for sandy shores, mountain tops, or your bestie’s birthday party.

Lonerider Brewing – Shotgun Betty

Style: Hefeweizen
ABV: 5.80%     IBU: 11.0

Lonerider’s team of outlaws made a bold choice when choosing their flagship beer. You won’t find a lot of hefeweizens around these parts. In contrast to their Belgian style kin, hefeweizens are made with a special kind of yeast that gives Betty her banana clove flavor. Shotgun Betty gives off a clove, citrus, and yeast aroma with a hint of bubblegum for those refined palates. Betty finishes medium-low in body.

Miller Brewing – Miller Lite

Style: Lager
ABV: 4.20%     IBU: 0.0

Miller lights pours a crystal clear light golden yellow with a fizzy white head that quickly fades away. A taste of light toasted malt, and a trace, slight trace of pine/citrus

Noble Cider – Brut Rose

Style: Cider
ABV: 6.90%     IBU: 0.0

Cider fermented with Champagne yeast with raspberries and cherries.

Sierra Nevada – Brut IPA

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 6.20%     IBU: 25.0

This is our Brut IPA, a new take on IPA brewed for a bone dry champagne-style finish. Late hop additions give the beer balanced bitterness and a bright pop of citrus flavor. It’s as intriguing as it is drinkable.

Spoetzl Brewery – Shiner Candied Pecan

Style: Porter
ABV: 6.00%     IBU: 0.0

Brewed with roated praline pecans, this robust porter provides subtle notes of roasted pecans, vanilla, caramel and brown sugar.

Terrapin Beer Co. – Hopsecutioner

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 7.30%     IBU: 71.0

You love hops, you ask for hops, and Hopsecutioner delivers! This Killer IPA earns its title by being brewed with six different hops to create an aggressive, yet exceptionally well-balanced, beer.

Weeping Radish Farm Brewery – Corolla Gold

Style: Helles
ABV: 5.40%     IBU: 22.0

Golden hued and medium bodied Lager with a slightly sweet malty profile. A longtime favorite, this is one of our original beers from 1986!

Weeping Radish Farm Brewery – Red Ale

Style: Red Ale
ABV: 4.60%     IBU: 28.0

Bright ruby colored red ale; Strong malt character from German and domestic malt. Hop presence is noticeable in the body as well as the nose of the beer owing to the dry hopping